The experts say that climate change is happening right now. The argument goes that seasons are out of the window, with Indian summers and frost-free winters is on the cards. Is this just a natural process, or unavoidable – and possibly fatal – destiny? It’s certainly a hot topic of debate. But there’s no point dwelling on it. What we can say is that our hunting practices are changing. The natural world is not what it used to be. Animal reproductive cycles are changing too. And of course this affects us, as hunters and our equipment. Our brand new Cévrus jacket, for example, is very much a “climate change” model. It’s light, waterproof and ultra-breathable. The Cévrus tapered trousers and vest follow the same rule. The products in this new collection are so light and flexible you’ll forget you’re wearing them in the thick of the action. And our new polos and shirts are just the ticket for a warming climate. This catalogue is brimming with plenty of other surprises. Our climate may be changing, but our famous signature – “Instinct, passion and style” – remains the same as ever. The Club Interchasse® team 

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