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One side turned towards the past, the other towards the future,
Club Interchasse creates its future by returning to its roots.

Janus, our new reversible jacket is the perfect illustration of this.

In the image of the Roman God, celebrated – like hunting –
in the heart of winter, it has two perfectly complementary sides.

Heads, the traditional elegance of our brand.

Tails, modernity, visibility and security for big game hunting. Without a doubt, 2018 will be a great year for this “two-in-one” hyper technical Janus jacket, which is waterproof, breathable and very quiet.

Tradition and modernity as always with our Noël range that combines – for country getaways – timeless French-style chic and fiendishly trendy colours. Hence, complementarity. Very beautiful marriage, even with the launch of our – highly anticipated – new ladies’ Cevrus range.

Past, future, all Diana the Huntresses can now – with these gentlemen – write the timeless credo of our brand in the ‘inclusive’ present tense:

“Instinct, passion and style».


The Club Interchasse® team